What is the ServiceIndustry.tips business model? The project team is composed of all volunteers. None of us have received any compensation and we won’t sell your data. Review our privacy policy.
How does this all work? SITips is a conduit to connect you to local service industry workers. Each city is managed by a local admin, or small group of local admins, who works in or close to the service industry. Admins are in charge of screening applicants for their city and answering support emails. When you visit our site, we select a random worker from our system. When you can click the Venmo or Cash App link, the site sends you to the app so you can tip that worker directly. (These apps only work on mobile devices.)
How do I know my tip really goes to a worker in need? City admins work to verify that people are who they say they are, and we try to verify that they work where they say they do, but we are operating with a lot of trust here. It is our experience that people are generally being honest when they apply. The city admins make determinations for their cities on a case by case basis, and they will ban users who are trying to scam or take advantage of the system. The email link at the bottom of the page will connect you to the local admin if you have questions or concerns. Ultimately, there is a measure of trust involved in donating here, and it is up to you to decide whether you are comfortable with this system or not.
Some of these businesses aren’t restaurants. I thought this was for restaurant workers. What gives? We have made the decision to include workers in the service sector whose businesses are closed or significantly limited (keep in mind that many restaurants that are open for take-out and delivery are operating with only salaried staff) and other workers who receive much of their income from tips. If you want to tip only restaurant workers, you may refresh the site to find a restaurant worker to tip.
How does the site pick workers? If I refresh, sometimes I see the same person’s name come up more than once. The system uses a random number generator to pick a name from the list of all available workers in your area each time the page is loaded. Our city admins make sure people are not signing up multiple times, so if you see someone more than once, it is purely random.
What if I want to tip someone I know, like my favorite server or bartender? This site is set up to be random, which we believe ensures fairness. We also are concerned about the possibility of harassment of specific workers if a search feature were to be available. But you can certainly reach out to your favorite hospitality workers outside of this platform and see about sending them some virtual tips on your own, we’re sure they’d love that!
Is my information safe? After you click a Tip on Venmo or Tip on Cash App button, the transaction takes place entirely within that payment service. You make a tip directly to a worker. The amount and any comments between users are not visible to ServiceIndustry.tips. Review our privacy policy.
Can I make one tip and spread it around several workers? No. Venmo and Cash App support only direct payments to individual users of their services. We would love for you to tip $5, refresh, and repeat until you’ve reached your budget. It’s fun and feels good!
Can I have your platform and adapt it for self-employed workers/laid-off retail employees/self-employed workers/etc? Not right now. We’re very sorry.
I would like to partner with ServiceIndustry.tips for ______________ Not right now. We’re very sorry.
I signed up as a worker. How do I edit my information? You can return to the signup form at any time to edit your profile. You can reassign the city you (if we add coverage closer to you) or decide to opt out of tipping if your income situation has changed. If you’d like to be removed entirely from our system (we promise not to sell your data, it’s in our privacy policy, but we’ll do this at your request), email a request to info@serviceindustry.tips with your first/last name and the city you registered with.