Your privacy is important to us. We only collect the minimum amount of data needed to show which folks are seeking tips. This is name, employer, Venmo username, and username. Nothing else.

We require folks to be logged into a Google account to submit our forms to prevent duplicates and allow users to edit their submission later. We do not store your email address from that, though we did for a few hours when we first set everything up. We've deleted those emails and aren't collecting new ones.

We do collect email addresses from folks who ask us to expand to their city. We use those to communicate with applicants as we grow our efforts. We will never sell this data, or give it to anyone for use outside of

We use to track some metrics on the site. You can view what they do, and mostly do not, track about visitors on their site. Additionally, you can view our analytics at to see exactly what we collect.

We don't use cookies, or any other browser-based tracking, except for our admin area. Visitors to the main site will not be tracked at all.

GDPR & Data Removal

If you submitted your info to one of our forms, you can request to view that data or have it removed by emailing