Service industry workers across the world are already being hurt by social distancing recommendations and the economic effects of COVID-19, and many servers, bartenders, and other industry folks are being told they may not have a reliable source of income for a couple of months.

All of us have seen suggestions that people should “tip” our bartenders while we are hunkered down at home and pour our own drinks, and we built a way to do just that. It’s simple and it’s totally free. This will not completely solve our neighbors’ financial challenges, but we have been told again and again by our server and bartender friends that it is a great morale booster to see a sign that someone cares.

How It Works

Send a Tip:

Select your region. We will present you with a randomly selected neighbor who works in the service industry and where they work. You send them money directly with Venmo or Cash App. We don’t charge a fee and don’t collect any of your data.

We suggest tipping the first worker, so everyone gets a turn. Or you can refresh the page to see another name.

If you are a service industry worker

Select your region. Fill out a simple form to be added to the list.

Local Support

Each city covered by is managed by volunteer local administrators. Our core team vetted a few, those few vetted their contacts in other cities, and so on. To report abuse or to offer to help with local management, please visit your city’s site and send a message to the support email at the bottom of the page.

Who We Serve

Our goal at is to help workers in the food and beverage service industry and those who receive much of their income from tips.

This includes, but is not limited to:

Contact is a dedicated core team that started out in Chattanooga, TN, as well as hundreds of volunteers across the nation: Dan Ryan, Donald Sayers, Jen Gregory, Galen Riley, Kelly Kuhn, Matt Hanson, and Webb Sanderson.

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For tech support or media inquiries, reach out to

We will all get through this together. We love you. ❤️

— Don, Dan, Jen, Galen, Kelly, Webb, and the volunteers at